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SIMSA Audit Management  Platform

Internal audit, critical for Sustained Growth & Business Continuity, is  riddled with long established manual processes, which results into high audit cost of in-house resource, lack of end-to-end audit visibility, and gaps in compliance. 

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High Cost of In-house Resource & Travel

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Inadequate End-to-end audit visibility

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Lack of in-house competence and manual record keeping

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Gaps in Compliance & Benchmarking

SIMSA Audit Tool enables digitisation and automation of Audit Management workflow. 

Key Benefits of SIMSA Audit Application

Schedule and communicate audits well in advance. Ensure pre-audit preparation to save time and effort. Plan other activities to ensure smooth audits.


Apart from the planned, conduct surprise audits that only auditors are able to view. Configure the audits to suit a given requirement or situation.


Train and certify internal auditors. Or access the pool of SIMSA certified auditors at various  locations and save the travel cost of the internal auditors. 


Say Goodbye to pen, paper and Excel sheets. Conduct the audit directly on mobile app. Work offline & sync later, if network connectivity is a challenge.

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Take pictures on the spot using mobile device camera. Tag the picture to the question response. Use before & after pictures to communicate with the team

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Take advantage built-in industry specific best practices and standards organized into categories. Edit, customize and add your company specific questions.

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Dashboard and graphical analysis to help you identify the risks and making better decisions. Assign corrective actions to the users and track progress.

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Manage workflows of information, starting with planning of audit to closure of action points. Send automatic notifications & reminders to the stakeholders.


Pay per audit with secure AWS cloud server and avoid upfront investment. OR install on your own company's server and take full control.


Expected Outcomes 


Reduction in Audit Time


Savings in Total Audit Costs


Real Time Visibility


Audit Trail & Data Availability 

Key Features

High degree of Configurability to enable Analysis at various levels

SIMSA  application has been built keeping in mind the heterogeneity of the business i.e. the Business Units, Departments, Regions, Sites that may have need different configurations. This enables to perform the analysis and benchmark the performance across different levels. 

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Master data to organize Audit at various levels within the business e.g. Business Units,  Departments, Regions, Sites, Areas within Site etc.

Sequence the areas within a site for the optimal movement of the Auditor

User Roles – Admin, Auditor, Users and Action Holders with specific access to each role


Multiple Dimensions of each Question for 360   Assessment of Gaps & Risks

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Assign Criticality Level to each Question and different weightage to each level 

Assign Category and Sub-category to each question

Use Assessment Criteria - Yes / No or Rating 1-5

Upload and attach guidelines to each question that can be accessed by the auditor while conducted audit

Bulk import the questions from the CSV file

Workflow to Schedule, View and Alert the Audit Stakeholders

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Schedule Planned & Surprise Audits and view it on Calendar

Filter the view by BU, Sites or the Status of the audit

Send auto notification and reminders  to the Auditor and the Site Manager

Select questions for each audit or duplicate any previous audit

Assign % weightage to each category for score calculation

Publish Preparation Checklist to get confirmation on the audit readiness

Mobile Application for Conducting the Audit

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Conduct Audit directly on the App without using pen, paper or Excel

Take and upload pictures as the evidence using the mobile device and tag it to a question

Offline working mode for auditing the sites with poor data connectivity

Intuitive Dashboard and Extensive Reporting 

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Accredit sites with Badges e.g. Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze

Benchmark against other sites and  changes over previous audits  at a site

Benchmark against other sites and  changes over previous audits  at a site

Need for Operational Audit

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Operations are exposed to the risks, more than ever. As many of the processes e.g. manufacturing, Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Distribution Logistics etc. are being outsourced, the companies need a mechanism to ensure if the quality, regulatory, safety, security, process compliance are in place.


Audit has been a tested mechanism to exercise controls on the internal and external operations. However, the process of Audits has been a broken due to dependence on Excel sheets, biases of untrained auditors. SIMSA team has studied various challenges across different industries before developing this audit solution, that not only saves time but also makes ensures timely identification & mitigation of risks.

Areas of Audit in the Value Chain

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SIMSA audit tool is flexible enough to be adopted for any leg of value chain. It can not only be used to audit internal operations but also the external channel partners e.g. Distributors, Retailers and the Suppliers.  Our Subject Matter Experts will help you to structure the audit and including the industry best practices to create real value from this process.

Audit Workflow

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SIMSA audit tool has an inbuilt end to end workflow - starting with planning and scheduling and ending with closing of action points to address the gaps. You don't need use multiple systems e.g. excel, e-mails, word documents etc.  It auto generates reports, notifications, reminders and tracks the progress of the audits, gaps and actions. 

Industry Standard Checklists

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We can help configure the tool with industry or sector specific checklists and questionnaires. 


These checklists have been built by the Subject Matter Experts with industry experience. It ensures that you do not miss out on the best practices. 


You may also customize the checklists according to your needs. 

Drill down into specific categories / areas, categorized by criticality of risks

Integrated Corrective Action workflow linked to the Audit Gaps

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Plan corrective actions for each gap observed

Assign actions to the users with deadlines

Auto reminders to the action takers before the due dates

Tracking of open and closed actions