SIMSA Audit Software


SIMSA is an integrated Audit Management Platform based on the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) framework of operational excellence. It cuts out the bureaucratic layers of reviewers & approvers, therefore quick to deploy and intuitive to use. Its simplicity and mobility feature is the key factor for the buy-in from the operational staff. It can be used for self-assessments and tracking of corrective actions.

Online Training


SIMSA Audit Tool Online Training

Learn to use SIMSA Audit Application Tool
Module 1: Overview of SIMSA Application
Module 2: User Roles Configuration
Module 3: Company Master Data Configuration

Please refer to few revisions below

Module 4: Adding & Configuring Questions
Module 5: Scoring Methodology
Module 6: Scheduling Audits
Module 7: Conducting Audits
Module 8: Performance & Gaps Assessment
Module 9: Planning & Tracking Corrective Actions
  • Master Data
    • Region & Site Group
      The "Region" has been renamed as "Site Group". This allows to group the site not only by geographic regions but also by the logical groups e.g. Product A Sites, Product B Sites etc.
    • New User Creation
      The admin does not need to set the password while creating the new user. A link would be sent to the users and user will be required to set the password when logging in for the first time