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SIMSA is an integrated Audit Management Platform based on the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) framework of operational excellence. It cuts out the bureaucratic layers of reviewers & approvers, therefore quick to deploy and intuitive to use. Its simplicity and mobility feature is the key factor for the buy-in from the operational staff. It can be used for self-assessments and tracking of corrective actions.

Audit Checklists

Operational Audit

Essential Audit Checklists for your Operations

Ready to use customizable Checklists to Streamline your Operations

Are you looking for a customizable audit checklist? Look no further! Download our free and easy-to-use essential audit checklists for your operations. It's designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your processes and identify problem areas so that you can take corrective action. Get it now and start streamlining and strengthening your organization's operations today!

Checklist 20 Good Manufacturing Practices
Good Manufacturing Practices

Good Manufacturing Practices Checklist

Maintain the highest standards of quality and safety with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Audit Checklist download. The checklist is applicable for pharma, cosmetics and food products. Ensure compliance with regulations and industry best practices, while streamlining your manufacturing processes.

Checklist 19 Warehouse Handbook 2023

Warehouse Handbook 2023

The Indian warehousing market, in recent times,
has been on a high growth curve. While the
sector was witnessing growth on the back of
India’s burgeoning consumer market, a boom
in organised retail, changing consumer behaviours, and regulatory measures. Download the Warehouse Handbook 2023 for more insights.

Checklist 18 ESMS Audit Checklist
Environment & Social Management

Environment & Social Management Audit Checklist

Environment & Social Management System (ESMS) Audit helps organizations identify, manage, and mitigate environmental and social risks, ensuring sustainable operations and positive impacts on communities and stakeholders.

Checklist 17 Warehouse Gemba Walk Checklist
Warehouse Gemba Walk

Warehouse Gemba Walk Checklist

The Gemba Walk is a powerful tool for optimizing warehouse operations. By physically observing the Gemba and engaging with employees, businesses can identify inefficiencies, foster collaboration, and drive continuous improvement. When implemented effectively, the Gemba Walk leads to enhanced operational efficiency, empowered employees, and a culture of continuous improvement.

Checklist 16 Food Safety Audit Checklist
Food Safety

Food Safety Audit Checklist

Food safety audits serve as an essential tool for evaluating and monitoring adherence to food safety regulations, protocols, and industry best practices. When it comes to ensuring the highest standards of food safety, a comprehensive food safety audit acts as a powerful magnifying glass, meticulously examining every facet of your establishment’s operations involving food handling, production, storage, and overall hygiene practices employed by food establishments.

Checklist 15 Project Audit Checklist
Project Audit

Project Audit Checklist

As projects become more complex and diverse, it becomes increasingly exposed to uncertainties and risks. The VUCA environment adds to the nightmare of the project managers. The periodic and comprehensive audits keep the projects on track and mitigate risks.

Checklist 14 EMS Audit
Environmental Management System Audit

Environmental Management System Audit Checklist

Environmental and sustainability audits are important because they provide a comprehensive review of an organization's environmental performance and sustainability practices.

Checklist 13 Fire Safety
Fire Safety Audit Checklist

Fire Safety Audit Checklist

Fire is a single largest man made disaster, which can be largely prevented through proper system, infrastructure, procedures and awareness. Here is a comprehensive fire safety audit checklist available for download.

Checklist 12
Pharma Warehouse

Pharma Warehouse Audit Checklist

Quality, Regulations, Safety, Security & Infrastructure are the key pillars of performance for a Pharma Warehouse. In order to ensure all critical parameters are in control, periodic audits are must. Here is a comprehensive pharma warehouse audit checklist ready for download.

Checklist 11
Operational Excellence

Warehouse 5S Audit Checklist

The 5S a Lean strategy that helps to achieve warehouse objectives i.e. quality, cost, service and safety. Getting a warehouse that is clean, organized, and much more than looking fantastic. It's all about making warehousing operations most effective, compliant and efficient.

Checklist 10
Warehouse Excellence

Warehouse Standards eBook

Warehouse Standards eBook is a compilation of standards on infrastructure, processes, performance measurement & best practices. It has been compiled by Warehouse Association of India and released as part of National Logistics Policy.

Checklist 09
Warehouse Picking

Warehouse Picking Audit Checklist

Warehouse Picking audit checklist that enables the improvement of productivity and accuracy of the picking process, thereby, reducing overall cost and improving customer satisfaction.

Bio Medical Waste Management
Medical Waste Management Checklist

Bio Medical Waste Audit Checklist

Biomedical waste audit is important as it ensures that the biomedical waste generated by healthcare facilities is managed and disposed of in a safe, compliant, and sustainable manner to protect the environment, prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and safeguard public health.

Checklist 08
Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence Audit Checklist

Operational Excellence (OE) audit checklist that enables companies to get a quick assessment of the effectiveness of the Operational Excellence program covering all the key principles.

Checklist 01

Warehouse Safety Checklist

Warehouse operations involves interface of Vehicles, Products, Material Handling Equipment & People, which creates various workplace hazards. Periodic audit of the warehouse safety helps to proactively identify various risks and gaps.

Checklist 02

Good Distribution Practices Checklist

Good storage & distribution practices ensure the integrity, quality and authenticity  of  the products in the supply chain, to prevent the dangers of contaminated or deteriorated medical & foods products reaching the end customers

Checklist 03

Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Entrusting your products to vehicle that has not been checked for fitness could be a risky proposition. The  pre-use checklist ensures that the vehicle meets basic fitness requirement & worthy of transporting goods.

Checklist 04

Supplier Audit Checklist

A structured supplier audit is a business critical process to minimize risks to business; help suppliers improve their processes and capabilities; strengthen supplier relationships; & timely weed out incompetent suppliers.

Checklist 05

HSE Audit Checklist

The role of HSE audit and compliance is not only to minimize the risks to the business but also provide safe work environment to the employees  and improve the productivity.

Checklist 06

Process Audit Checklist

The "process approach" way of doing things is more effective, delivers consistent results and saves lot of time. However ensuring "process approach" is a big challenge, therefore, the need for the Process Audits