SIMSA Audit Software


SIMSA is an integrated Audit Management Platform based on the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) framework of operational excellence. It cuts out the bureaucratic layers of reviewers & approvers, therefore quick to deploy and intuitive to use. Its simplicity and mobility feature is the key factor for the buy-in from the operational staff. It can be used for self-assessments and tracking of corrective actions.


Checklist 04
Operational Excellence

Report on Operational Excellence Trends in 2023

The report provides insights into the current state of process excellence, including the top process improvement priorities for organizations, the main challenges faced when implementing process improvement initiatives, and the key success factors for achieving process excellence.

Checklist 03
Supply Chain

Report on Logistics Ease Across Different States LEADS 2022

India envisions a US$ 2 trillion export figure by 2030., As a result the Government has been taking a number of initiatives to spur export trade, support domestic consumption and bring in logistics efficiencies. “Logistics Ease Across Different States (LEADS)” report is based on survey across all States/ UTs to assess logistics ecosystem in the country at State/UT level.

Checklist 02
Warehouse Excellence

Integrated Risk based Approach to Supply Chain Audits

The conventional approach to Supply Chain Risks Management and Audits is inadequate to address the ever-changing risk profile of the entire value chain. The audits within the four walls of the organization doesn’t present the true picture of all the risks the business is exposed to.

Checklist 01
Operational Excellence Compass

Continuous Improvement vs Operational Excellence

Many companies bet upon their continuous improvement program and often brand it as operational excellence. The continuous improvement programs, driven standalone, lose their impact over a period of time. Operational Excellence on the other hand acts a compass in a turbulent environment so that you re-align and keep moving in the right direction.