SIMSA is an integrated Audit Management Platform based on the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) framework of operational excellence. It cuts out the bureaucratic layers of reviewers & approvers, therefore quick to deploy and intuitive to use. Its simplicity and mobility feature is the key factor for the buy-in from the operational staff. It can be used for self-assessments and tracking of corrective actions.

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What is SIMSA

SIMSA is a  cloud based SaaS platform of Operational Governance based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act framework of Operational excellence for:

✅ Operational Audits and Compliance

✅ Quality & EHS Audits

✅ Analytics and Risk Assessment

✅ Operational Excellence

enabling businesses to minimize risks and maximize performance. It is plug-and-play solution to provide Integrated Experience of Operational Governance to all stakeholders.

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Product Features

SIMSA - The Governance Solution

That fits the needs of diverse enterprises & helps to stay ahead of the curve with technology.


Applications by Value Chain
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Product Benefits

Key Benefits
Transparency & Controls

Bring in Transparency and Controls over operations

Risk Management

Proactively manage risks in operations


Do away with manual forms and excel based checklists

Operations Excellence

Align execution to strategy & seamless flow of value to customers

Trusted Partners

Find certified and trusted partners to conduct operational audits

Standard Checklists

Get access to standard industry specific checklists and best practices

Performance Counters

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SIMSA Insights

Warehouse – How secure are your Operations?

Warehouses are no longer old dilapidated buildings in dingy lanes, conventionally used for the storage purpose. Warehouses today are part of optimal flow of goods, have increasing levels of complexity & automation, and play a strategic role in fulfilment of customer demand. Increasingly, warehousing operation is encompassing activities like postponement, packing, light manufacturing, sortation, cross-docking , reverse logistics, after sales service, orders fulfilment etc. Also, with use of information technology and automation, the need for the skilled manpower has gone up, which is not easy to find. The increased level of warehouse complexity and activity also means more exposure to ...
About Us
about us

Who We Are

Our credo is promoting Excellence through Technology

We are a team of  supply chain, manufacturing and operations management professionals with practical experience of working in well-known companies. We understand the importance of Operational Governance and Best Practices in delivering the best-in-class performance & minimizing the risks. We have taken up the mission of addressing this challenge. We work very closely with the Supply Chain and Operations Management leaders through Chamber of Visionary Supply Chain Leaders.

Our vision is to be the leading provider and trusted partner for operations capabilities in the governance, process excellence and analytics to support growing business needs of the industry. We continuously innovate and use cloud based technology as an enabler for standardization, consistency and sustaining the improvements. We collaborate with industry Subject Matter Experts to update and maintain our best practices repositories up to date.

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