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SIMSA is an integrated Audit Management Platform based on the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) framework of operational excellence. It cuts out the bureaucratic layers of reviewers & approvers, therefore quick to deploy and intuitive to use. Its simplicity and mobility feature is the key factor for the buy-in from the operational staff. It can be used for self-assessments and tracking of corrective actions.

Warehouse Handbook 2023

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Operational Audit Software

Warehouse Handbook 2023

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    Why SIMSA Audit Application?

    • Good bye to Pen, Paper & Spreadsheets

    • Conduct Audits using Mobile app on the fly

    • Break a site into smaller Zones or Areas for deeper insights

    • Schedule Recurring Audits / Inspection with any frequency

    • Analyze & prioritize risks through Dashboard & Exception Reports

    • Assign & track Corrective Actions until closure

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